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The Threads

What’ Your Story of the World?


Rudyard Kipling once said, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Faith is very similar. What do your students know about the story of God? Do they know that all of life is a grand story starting in the beginning with God’s good creation? But then something went tragically wrong and the entire cosmos was thrown into rebellion because of the Fall. Yet, God choose to redeem his people through Jesus, and He is ultimately redeeming all of creation through the coming of His Kingdom. This is the grand story of God. The Threads compares the three different stories of Christianity, Islam and Post-Modernism to determine which story shapes our view of the world. Axis presents these three meta-narratives using the six literary elements of story:

  • Setting: Where is the story taking place?
  • Character: Who am I and what role do I play?
  • Plot: What is the purpose of my story?
  • Conflict: What acts as a roadblock in my story?
  • Climax: Will I overcome the conflict and achieve my purpose?
  • Resolution: How does the story end?

Your students will come to understand that God’s story is ultimately the one story that frames the grand narrative of human existence.

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